Invention is celebrated

Ad Notam screens invention is celebrated, It is the most elegant and  leading product in the television industry.

Custom tailored

Ad Notam is a German-made screens are custom tailored to suit all tastes, as the screen for the characteristics that distinguish them from all other screens.

Standard integration behind glass

Ad Notam is the only manufacturer that its standard integration behind glass, and the end result is a product mesmerizing all your senses.

  • Provider plurality of use, and ease of installation.
  • Equipped with magnetic suspension. You do not need the screen to the cooling fan, which reduces the consumption of electric power, as it operates under the operating conditions difficult.
  • Fitted with a power adapter 12 or 24 volt believes that a healthy environment in the bathrooms and processing electrical.
  • Screens secured several kinds of remote control devices, unlike regular hardware and its advantages.
  • It against water spray as it features technology to avoid the reflection of radiation on the exterior mirror.
  • Screen sizes from 6.5 to 82 inches.
  • Also gives the plant 24 months guarantee on all products.
  • Products supply, Technical assistance by phone within the warranty period.
  • Maintenance for two years,Connect widget and installation is provided by Masar AlJazera.
  • Residential: bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedrooms (wardrobes).
  • Offices and companies: the waiting room, halls, meeting rooms, inside tables.
  • Hotels: baths, elevator, rooms, make-up, a restaurant and cafe.
  • Salons and health clubs: Rooms makeup and hair salons, floors, Jacuzzi, massage room.
  • POS: restaurants, shops – exhibitions.
  • Lifts: in the glass, in stainless steel, in wooden décor.
  • Yachts: external, internal, in bathrooms living rooms.
  • Advertising devices: shopping centers, lectures and exhibitions