Mtech Workflow System

Go Paperless Manage Streless

M-Tech™ Workflow is a BPM and Dynamic Case Management platform that enables organizations to achieve significant operational gains through better management of processes and a green solution.

Greater & Earlier ROI

More efficient, flexible and better executed business processes mean lower costs plus greater and earlier ROI.

Greater control over tasks

Workflow provides capabilities for process design, automation, simulation, workflow control for managing human tasks, integration tools for linking business applications (ECM, CRM, Email) to processes and business rules.

  • Achieve continuous process improvement
  • Deliver organizational transformation for a competitive advantage
  • Reduce costs associated with standardized and repetitive business processes
  • Support the efficient delivery of non-standardized or unpredictable business processes
  • Ensure compliance to industry regulations (e.g. SOX and HIPAA)
  • Reduce and eliminate errors and improve exception handling
  • Deliver increased ability to respond to changing organizational and market conditions Deliver improved visibility of operational performance, to process and task level

Workflow’s industry leading support for Dynamic Case Management delivers support for non-standardized, unpredictable processes while improved operational performance visibility is delivered through the availability of user defined dashboards and process analytics.

Workflow allows users to modify business processes in real time, on live instances of the process, allowing clients to modify their business processes rapidly in response to changing market conditions. In addition advanced workflow rules can ensure compliance to industry regulations.